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The Explored Life: More Than Yoga

Nov 27, 2020

Anna started coming along to my classes around a year ago but really began to feel the benefits of Yoga as a habit when she started attending the online session.

As a director of a charity the convenience, accountability and support of the online classes have helped her to feel calmer and more grounded.

In this episode we talk about how it can sometimes take a while to realise that Yoga is for you - especially if you aren't naturally flexible.

Perhaps like Anna, as a beginner you have felt intimidated walking into a Yoga class and decided that maybe it's not for you? Listen to hear how Yoga can be more accessible and inclusive so that you can feel the benefits of the practice.

We finish by discussing the perception that Instagram can give us about what Yoga is, and how sometimes that can take us away from what Yoga is really all about in the first place.


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