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The Explored Life: More Than Yoga

Oct 9, 2020

In this episode of the podcast I have invited my 10 year old twin daughters to tell me about their favourite tools for staying calm and relaxed.

We know ourselves how useful it is to be able to manage the stress response.

I believe that one of the most useful skills we can share with our children is how they can down-regulate their nervous system.

But you cant force this stuff on children, as I have well found out when trying to get my kids to do yoga. Children learn from watching what we do so we need to lead through example.

If we want our children to be calm and happy and relaxed then we need to show them how. That means doing the things that we know contribute to positively to our wellbeing.

We talk about the girls’ favourite calming techniques for children: breathing techniques, visualisation for sleep and how these tools have helped them through challenging situations.

What has really made me happy is that Betty now takes it upon herself to check in with me to make sure that I have taken some time for relaxation during the day – she sees me so often on the computer, or on my phone, or running around and she knows the importance of relaxation both for herself and for others. She has actually become quite strict about it, and it makes me very happy.

Listen and share with anyone else who you think might benefit from these really practical tools.


And if you need some time out for yourself, you can get a copy of my FREE guided relaxation recording here