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The Explored Life: More Than Yoga

Dec 4, 2020

If you have seen any of the documentaries by David Attenborough about the climate crisis, or seen the images of the plastic that is in the ocean and on the beaches, then you've probably have already started to think about how you can start to reduce the amount of waste that you consume. But it can feel really daunting, can't it? It can feel like it's almost impossible, especially when you're buying from the supermarkets and everything is wrapped in plastic unnecessarily.

So, I was over the moon when I found out about a local store and initiative, Re:Stock is Folkestone’s first refill, low waste shop. Stocking a huge range of dried food, local produce, cleaning products, toiletries. It’s really good value AND they delivered to your door.

I was really excited to get founder, Emma onto the podcast to talk about how we can make small, manageable changes to reduce the amount of plastic that we are using in our home.

Listen up for her top tips to reduce plastic use.


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