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The Explored Life: More Than Yoga

Oct 2, 2020

You might remember me talking to the lovely Jo back on episode 9 about the work that she does with sound therapy. Jo and I have collaborated on events in the past where she has played the harp and the crystal healing bowls to guide us into a deep relaxation and sound meditation.

Today Jo is talking to us about the work that she does as a somatic therapist, helping her clients to move beyond unresolved trauma. We talk about how trauma isn't necessarily one huge event, such as a car crash, but can accumulate over time. Jo talks about how small daily traumas, like tiny little cuts can build up over time to create a feeling of overwhelm. Her work in drawing awareness into the body and into a very present state helps her clients to release barriers that are holding them back.

Listen to the end for a practical technique that anyone can use in their daily life to manage the stress response to traumatic events, big or small.


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